Friday, February 26, 2010

You're lame. No, I'm not! YOU'RE LAME!

Hey, first of all, thanks to everyone who joined the Facebook Group I started for the Disabled Guy.

I frequent a few message boards. One of them is the Snopes Urban Legends message board. Its a great group of people with none of that petty drama and squabbling they have on most other boards. In case you don't know what that website is all about, let me tell you... you know that email you get that claims some kid is missing or there's snakes in the ball pit at a fast food restaurant or how you should not flash your lights at other cars because of gang initiations? All those emails, all of them- are fake. Or nearly fake. If you go to the snopes website (where I linked it up there) and use their search option, you can find the truth about those emails BEFORE you forward them to everyone in your address book.

But I digress...

Over on the snopes board, someone posed the question about using the word "lame" to say something is negative and if it is worse than using "gay" or "retarded" and such. I'm going to hell (good thing I don't believe in hell, huh?) for using a new word to replace the use of "retarded" in the statement "That's so retarded". I won't tell you what it is, but people who know me can guess (its a person's name). Anyway, here's the link to the discussion (I'm known as "FrogFeathers" over there on snopes).

Because of this question, I called DG into the room. And here's the conversation:

Me: "Hey, you know how people use 'retarded' and 'gay' to mean something is lame?"

DG: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, 'lame' means you walk with a limp. I'm slightly lame and you're really lame." He looked at me kind of confused. So I added, "Because of my knee replacement, I'm kind of gimpy. Because of your stroke, you're really gimpy. And 'lame' means 'you walk with a limp'... so, being lame, does it offend you when someone uses it in a negative way?"

DG: "No." and he paused. Then he blurted in a tone of offense (completely fake and overblown): "I am NOT LAME!"

Me: "Yes, you are. Because you limp... you're lame."

DG: "I'm not lame, you're lame!"

Me: "I'm only slightly lame. You're really lame."

DG: *fake whining voice* "I am not neither! YOU'RE LAME! YOU ARE!"

Me: "We're both lame. Admit it."

DG: *flailing his good arm and still whining* "I'm NOT LAME!! YOU ARE! *shrieky voice* I'm gonna tell my mom you're calling me names!"

Me: "She'll agree with me, you're lame."


If he had been serious without the fake sobby noises, it would have been a lovely update of "Who's on first?" And if you ask our kids, we're both pretty lame. And gimpy.

For your enjoyment, here's a photo of DG and Luna that I made into a "lol" picture.

Demon Dog thinks you need  a breath mint
moar funny pictures

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