Friday, February 19, 2010

"But I look good in blue..."

This conversation was inspired by my reminding DG that I needed to go to the store and get more allergy pills. I take a single, 24-hour, non-drowsy allergy pill (the generic kind because the brand name- which tells you that you'll be "brand-name clear"- is hideously overpriced). I have asthma, brought on by a lung infection. Seriously, you combine the asthma, allergy, fat, blogging thing, I'm a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and a pocket-protector away from being a full-on nerd.

When you read this conversation, you have to understand how he says certain things. I spelled ridiculous in the phonetic way he says it. And, the tone he used today was almost feminine in nature.

Anyway, I said, "I wouldn't even bother with it, but the allergies can trigger my asthma and ya know, I kinda like breathing. I've gotten used to it over the years and I quite enjoy it."

DG said: "I think its overrated."

Me: "Breathing is overrated? Maybe if you're lazy. I'm not as lazy as you. Plus, the whole turning blue and passing out thing doesn't sound like fun."

DG: "But I look good in blue."

Me *chuckling*: "Well, blue is your favorite color. But me, I don't like passing out in public."

DG: "Why? Its only for a minute or two."

Me: "Yeah, but you fall down and crack your skull. Plus, if I'm wearing a skirt, it would be all up and showing my underwear. You don't have that problem, you don't wear a skirt."

DG: "Of course I don't. Don't be ridikilus. If I wore a skirt, my doodle would freeze." Then he held out his pinky, wiggled it around and sing-songed: "Doo-oood-el-doo-oood-el!"

Me: "Why would your doodle freeze? You'd be wearing underwear."

DG: "That's your prerogative, not mine!"

Then it got all mumbly about Smurfs and that movie "Avatar" with the blue people who were just trying to be Smurfs but couldn't be, because only Smurfs are Smurfs and "NEVAH THE TWAIN SHALL BE!" (his words) For the record, he hasn't seen the movie yet.

Now that you know he sometimes refers to that part of his anatomy as "doodle" (which is from "The Simpsons"), I'll tell you that he sometimes, after a shower, does what he calls "The Doodle Dance".

And I'll leave you with that...


Mary said...

I suspect that every single one of them does the doodle dance from time to time. Different names,same dance. Boys are so cute.

sasharenee said...

Patty, this is crazycatlady from Regretsy. I was clicking on everyone's links today and came across your blog. I love it! You have such a great sense of humor. I'll definitely have to visit again to catch up on your goings ons.

Hester (aka Wyrd Syster) said...

I can only say this:
free the doodle!
Don't hide it in hideous underwear!
Or non-hideous underwear. I'm not saying your underwear would be hideous .. I wouldn't dare!

Btw .. in this household there's a lot of announcing what we're doing and where we're going, too!
"I'm gonna poop!" "Okay"
I do it as much as Mike. I don't know why we do it, but there you have it. heh

JoyElaine said...

My husband has never done a "doodle dance" but I wish he would. I announce things all the time, but I'm usually surrounded by a room full of small children and having silly conversations - most people probably think I'm insane.