Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A compilation of what you may have missed

The Disabled Guy went to his parents' house down in North Carolina and I haven't been able to come up with a blog post with anything new. Over on the Facebook group, there have been a few updates, but I'm sorry for not posting anything for you all who aren't in the group.

So, if you're not in that Facebook group, here's a compilation of what you've missed.

This one was shortly before he left on his trip:

January 26:

I'm about to head over to my parents' house to do some photography stuff. I was going to ask my dad if he wanted to help, maybe even do some of it himself, because its fun. But he left for Missouri today on a little RV trip. And the way our weather is going, I'll be out of snow if I wait till he comes back next week.

So I asked DG if he'd go with me. I don't have a DSLR camera, so I have to sort of trick my settings on my Canon Ixus 75. And one of those things is focal point. And in the dark, its just easier to do it with help. All DG would have to do is stand where I'll end up standing, with a flashlight or even just with a mobile phone open, so the camera has something to focus on.

He said: "No, I'm waiting on the VA to call."

It was ten till 5 PM and he was waiting on the VA to call for his blood thinners (he gets his blood checked monthly). Sometimes they call same-day, sometimes they don't.

So, I watched the last ten minutes of an episode of "NCIS" that I missed before and then started to get ready. I changed into an old hoodie (this involves fire) and got all my stuff gathered up. He got up in the middle of me getting my shit together (camera, tripod, etc) and said he was gonna get some dinner (we're doing leftover chili tonight).

I got all my gear and said, "Okay, I'll be back. I'll call and let you know if I set myself on fire."

He said, "Oh, you weren't going to wait?"

I asked: "Did you say you were gonna go?"

DG: "I said I was waiting on the VA."

Me: "Yeah, twenty minutes ago."

DG: "I don't think they're gonna call."

Me: "Yeah, considering its now ten after 5."

DG: "I wanted to eat dinner first."

Me: "Did you say you were gonna go?"

DG: "You aren't gonna wait?"

Me: "I'll wait. I haven't left yet." I set my stuff down, took off my jacket...

Apparently, "No, I don't want to go." means "I don't want to go right now, but I'll watch you gear up and when you pick up your keys, I'll let you know I want to go."

February 10:

Shortly before DG left on his trip to his parents' house, our son had another failed feeding with another rat. (we've checked with some "snake people" we know and searched online and found that it is pretty common for a snake to go many months- sometimes almost a year- between feedings. Especially if the snake is in a cooler area and our house is chilly/drafty in the winter).

Anyway, he tossed her into the big tank with Mittens. They're getting along famously and sleep together and play together and everything. Last night, DG and I were texting about some insurance stuff related to his recent accident and out of the blue he asked how the "ratsies" were doing. I said fine and if he wanted to know, he could just come the fuck home and take care of them himself. He asked about the second rat and I told him that she was still there.

Then he asked: "Has it been long enough? Should I pardon her too?"

Jase replied to me: "I thought he already had. He named it, didn't he?"

I texted that back to DG and he replied: "I didn't know I did. Okay. She's pardoned."

Her name?


We have two female "Dumbo" rats now.

February 13:

There was an accident on the drive down to his parents' house. DG is fine, we've been waiting to hear back from the insurance company. His truck- his beautifully-kept, well-maintained 2000 Silverado is "totaled". They're giving us quite a generous check for it and since its been paid off for the past seven years, all that check will go into finding a new-used truck (since we can't afford payments).

So, since DG is at his parents' house, I've been checking various car dealer websites and today I went to Car Soup dot com. Within 50 miles of his parents' zip code, there was ONE Chevy Silverado and it was white (he prefers blue) stick shift. So, I told him so in a text. "The only thing in your price range is a white stick shift."

DG: "What kind?"

Me: "Silverado. But how the fuck are you gonna drive a stick shift?" (his right arm is paralyzed, in case you forgot).

DG: "With my powerful mind."

February 18:

On the phone with DG, he complained that "this got-damned speaker is giving out, I think its shot." I asked if I was on speaker-phone, and asked him to take me off of it when he said I was. Lo and behold, it worked fine (which means he's got the speaker volume up too loud).

He said: "I was like Captain Kirk."

I replied: "You are nothing like Captain Kirk."

He said: "I am too! I was talking like doo-doo-doo Kirk to Enterprise!"

I told him: "You're nothing like Captain Kirk, one- you have all your own hair and two- you don't wear a girdle."

He said, all serious-sounding: "I could wear a girdle."

Me: "Then wear one."

DG: "No."

By the way, he claims he's not a nerd. But this conversation clearly show's his nerdy. (also, I love William Shatner, despite this conversation seeming otherwise.)