Friday, February 5, 2010

A loaf of bread?

NASCAR season has started. This doesn't make the entire family happy, just the Disabled Guy. He's a Tony Stewart fan- not that it makes any difference either way who he follows. He spent the entire day watching the Bud Shootout thing on TV. I had headphones on and spent my time on the Interwebs.

Out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever, DG exclaimed: "He's a loaf of bread!"

He was referring to Bruno. DG sits in his chair, with his ankles crossed on the footstool in front of him and Bruno or Jasper will lay on his legs. They fit comfortably into that groove. Bruno is nearly three times as big as Jasper. (Incidentally, Jasper is Bruno's father) Yet they both fit into the leg groove.

So, I asked what the hell he was talking about.

He said, "Look at him. He's a loaf of bread."

I looked over to see Bruno laying with his legs tucked under his body, his head pointing toward DG's feet. So I said, "He's a fat loaf of bread."

I searched my photos for a picture of Bruno or Jasper laying on his legs so you could share in the loaf-y goodness that is Bruno. But I couldn't find one. These days, when I stand up to get a photo, the dogs automatically leap to their feet because not only am I the resident photographer, writer, editor of homework, chef, chauffeur, shopper, nurse, computer technician, I'm also the dog trainer and thus the source of treats. I did find this photo, of Bruno laying on our daughter's legs. Its the bread-loaf pose, just not on DG.

For a size comparison, this is Jasper walking with Bruno a few weeks ago.

And, to remind you- this is a photo from the brain cell chewing blog a few posts back. Bruno is not as tall as Luna, but he weighs almost twice as much. (Jasper hovers around 4 pounds, give or take a few ounces; Luna is around 6 pounds; and Bruno last weighed at 12ish pounds).

After about twenty minutes had passed, I got up and walked by the loaf of bread and DG. I leaned down to baby-talk (shut up) and pet Bruno. Without a hint of irony, DG exclaimed, "Hey, that's MY loaf of bread!"

As each of the kids returned home that day, he tried to tell them about the bread loaf, which of course, out of context made no sense. So I had to re-tell the story. Later in the evening, the discussion came up as to what Luna and Jasper were, if Bruno was an entire loaf of bread.

Jasper is obviously a crouton, since he's so small. Luna is a croissant. Well, of course... it makes sense.

Since I mentioned NASCAR and how the only one who is happy about that is DG, I have to share this photo from last summer. Its proof that NASCAR can lull a dog into a coma. Or in this case, three dogs. (see how small Bruno was back then? He was born June 1st).

Oh, and I keep forgetting to share these photos. A couple weeks ago, DG needed a haircut. He prefers to keep his hair short and the easiest haircut is a military-style "high and tight". Our son (who will be 18 on Monday) asked me, quietly, to cut it into a Mohawk. Well, I asked DG if he minded, "just so we can see what it looks like"- not that I'd leave it that way. He said okay... but only if I cut it off after we saw it. So, I did. And we took photos. I think he looks alright with a 'hawk. He could totally pull off that look.

Of course, now he has a "high 'n tight" haircut, but the photos will live forever on the Intertubes.


Shanna said...

Tell DG he needs to wear a Mohawk - it totally looks awesome on him!

AmorVincitOmnia said...

The hawk is AWESOME! You know, he could make a great (more manly) David Bowie for halloween.. just saying...