Saturday, November 19, 2011

I would like to say this is "adult-themed", but in the end, it so clearly isn't...

The other day, I finally got around to the much-needed washing of our curtains. They've needed it for months, but on my list of things to do, taking down and washing and putting them all back up was never at the top, so I just kept forgetting. But the other day, I finally did it.

We don't have proper "curtains". We have lace sheers hanging in the living room and just valances in the dining room and kitchen. That's because everywhere but the kitchen, we have mini-blinds. They came with the house. We should probably get new ones... because I really don't want to clean those.

Since the whole "TV cabinet blocking the window" incident, I saw no reason- no easy way either- to rehang the lace thing on that window. So, I put it on the window on the stairway landing. We had lace curtains with an attached valance with matching drawback... uh, thingies. Those were originally the outside curtains on the shower we had in our house in Georgia.

So, I put the single panel lace curtain on the window on the landing. Then I took one of those fabric drawback thingies and pulled it to one side, because the cats like sitting on the windowsill. While I was doing that, I was adjusting it and pulling on it to make it hang in a drape-y, swoop-y way.

DG asked what I was doing. So I told him that I was "making it sexy".

DG: "Why do you want to do that?"

Me: "I don't want to, but c'mon, its lace, don't you think its sexy pulled to one side like that?"

DG: "You're going to make all the other windows jealous!"

Me: "Why? They're wearing the same outfit!"

DG: "Oh, now they're embarrassed!"

Later, and I mean much later. Like hours later, Jase was walking back up the stairs and in a flat and completely serious voice, DG asked, "Hey, do you think that window is sexy?"

Jase hadn't heard our earlier conversation and yet, he replied, "It is, Dad. Quite. But I don't want to make the other windows jealous by dating just this one."

More time passes. Not a lot of time, but enough for all of us to stop talking about the window. I said, "I need to get a photo for the blog."

DG gasped: "Don't do that! It'll embarrass the window!"

Me: "How will it embarrass the window?"

DG, making a scoffing noise: "Because it doesn't want to find the photo on the internet! How embarrassed would you be if you found a photo of yourself all sexy wearing lace on the internet!?"

Me: "How is the window going to get on the internet?"

DG: "It can see the internet through the windows next door!"

Me: "You don't even know if our neighbor has internet access."

DG: "Our window is showing all her stuff to the world!"

Me: "Our window is a girl?"

DG: "You didn't know? Psssh, man..." and he shook his head.

Last night, I got busy and forgot that I had to write this blog post. I said that, after I shut down my computer and he laughed at me with a loud, mocking laugh. "Now you can't post it!" followed with some "nyeah" sounds.

Me: "I'll just post it tomorrow."

DG: "You can't! It won't be the same!"

You'll notice that there isn't a photo of the sexy window. That's because I didn't want to embarrass her by showing everyone how she wears her lace. You can thank the Disabled Guy for protecting our window's virtue.