Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whew, it sure has been a long time...

I wholeheartedly apologize for such a long break in posts. There have been short conversations that I've shared in
The Official Conversations with the Disabled Guy Group on Facebook, but nothing I'd call blog-worthy in length.

So, let's dive in, shall we?

You know how DG built some benches for the Friends of Faire Garden at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I know you do, I told you about it. There were photos. What? You didn't see? You have no idea what I'm talking about? Oh, well, last year, at the faire, I noticed that the Friends of Faire Garden didn't have a lot of sturdy benches. Long-story-short, I asked DG to make a couple benches for us to donate to the Garden. He did. We delivered them, they love him now. He's never been to the faire, aside from that day we delivered the benches.

Last weekend at the faire, the Queen visited the FoF Garden. She sat on his bench. I wasn't there to photograph it, I was probably at the joust. But, a friend of mine- Paul- got a shot of the Queen enjoying her visit at the garden, on a bench.

I showed that photo to DG and said, "That's Queen Elizabeth- well, the actress who plays her... and she's sitting on your bench!"

Then started the questions: "Why was she there?" "Did she like the bench?" "Was she comfortable?" "Why was she there?" I told him that I never speak to her when she's not in character and since she's the Queen, she's unbelievably busy and has a schedule to keep. I'm not going to bother her AT the faire... But he persisted, every so often asking the same questions randomly. "Hey, that lady who plays the queen... did she like my bench?" and so on till I finally sent the lovely woman who plays the Queen a message on Facebook. I told her as briefly as I could about DG and how he's disabled and why and that he builds things one-handed. Not an easy task for someone like me- who likes to talk and likes details- but I managed to get it out. She replied, of course, because she's a wonderful person.

In part, she said: "I loved the benches! They are the perfect depth for farthingales, and very comfortable. Please tell him that they are awesome."

So, I told him what she said. And I had to explain what "farthingales" were (basically- the fancy word for "hoop skirt", but not quite as "hoopy").

The reply from DG?

"What do you mean the Queen liked my bench?"

Me: "You've been asking me for three days about it! I sent her a message on Facebook and she replied."

DG: "I don't remember asking you about that." *narrows eyes* "Are you sure?"

Me: "Yes. I'm sure. You kept asking me if she liked the bench. So I asked."

DG: "You have a Queen at the ren faire?"

I may have face-palmed at this point, I don't recall. So, I broke it down: "Yes, there's an actress who plays the Queen. There are other actors and actresses who play other historical characters. I take photos of all of them. You've seen the photos. If you had come to faire on Sunday, you would have met some of them."

DG: "If they're actors, why are you there?"

Me: "Because I'm a patron. They're acting for a reason and the people who come to faire are that reason."

DG: "But you wear those clothes."

Me: "Yes, but I'm not paid to be there, I pay to go..." and I sort of went into this explanation of what a patron is versus a playtron and he lost interest.

About ten minutes later, DG said, "That's cool that the queen liked my bench."

Yes. Yes, that's it exactly.

This photo was taken pre-season (hence nobody in the background). DG built the two benches that match specifically for the FoF garden. The one in the middle is a bench he built for my dad years ago. My dad called and said that we could take it with us to the Faire because since my mom passed away, "nobody comes over". That sounds terrible, but it isn't really. He just means that the family gatherings are now at a different relative's house (they actually were for a couple years already because of my mom's health). But I digress... here are the benches actually IN the Friends of Faire Garden at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.