Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Video footage of the Disabled Guy

This video was taken ages ago. At least three years. How can I tell? Because our daughter, Kat, got a new phone and it isn't the phone she has now. And DG has that gawd-awful mustache. We all hated it. The kids named it Jimothy and we referred to it as a separate entity. There was much rejoicing when he let me shave it off with hair clippers. This was shot from between my fingers because we'd been trying to get footage of him and he wised up to the red light on my Canon camera.

My dad being a dork

KatManDu | MySpace Video

This is footage of DG and Jasper, our teacup, tri-color, chocolate Chihuahua. I don't know what to say really... this is how he is with all the Chihuahuas.

A grown man and his puppy

Patty O'Lantern | MySpace Video

Like I've said before, we have three Chihuahuas. Luna was our first. She was given to us by a dear friend with the simple agreement that we breed her at least once (Luna has a rare, yet muted, coloring called "merle"). Well, we've actually bred her three times. This video is from the second time. (Bruno, our third Chi, is the result of her third breeding- he was a litter of one). This footage is of DG trying to get his morning coffee. When Luna has pups, we keep them in the kitchen because its the easiest room to block off, easiest to clean (tile), and the warmest room in our old drafty house. As you can tell, DG had a cold (this was in December of 2008).

Luna's puppies love slippers

Patty O'Lantern | MySpace Video

This isn't really about the DG, but I've mentioned our three Chihuahuas a lot. That's only because DG uses them as a blanket (that is, they're lap dogs) and he treats them like babies. Gypsy is our German Shepherd (obviously) and we've had her longer than all the Chis. Gypsy loves the Chis and protects them. They sleep together and play. But, since DG is in this video, I'm including it. Gypsy hates snow shovels.

My dog hates snow shovels

Patty O'Lantern | MySpace Video

There you have it. DG in video form. And for fun, here are the side-by-side photos of him before and after I got rid of Jimothy.

Before/After of Jimothy (the stache). Jerry cant do facial hair well


Anonymous said...

I remember Jimothy!

I also remember those slippers LOL. We eventually had to throw away the one you sent with Bodhi. Speaking of Bo, OMG look at him being tiny in that video. And look how much black he had on him!

joy said...

Sorry Patty but I liked his mustache, but I have always liked facial hair on men.

Patty O'Chair said...

I don't mind facial hair in general, but c'mon, Jimothy was AWFUL. He never really filled out. He was several different contrasting colors. Jerry always trimmed it slightly uneven- that is, when he trimmed it. Most times he'd let it go to the unruly and ugly stage.

He's never been able to grow good facial hair. He had a beard after he got out of the Army- for six months. And it never grew past that "Look, I started growing a beard two weeks ago" stage! lol

JoyElaine said...

My ex husband was never able to grow much of a mustache, he use to use my mascara to color it. lol

I really didn't think Jimothy looked bad.

Norman can grow one and lets his get all unruly - he will even start biting on it instead of trimming it.

AmorVincitOmnia said...

Jimothy was bad.. he looks younger without him! I like facial hair, but personally I am not much of a "just mustache" fan.