Saturday, April 9, 2011

A video...

Our son has a baby corn snake that he named "Chuck Norris". He feeds it every few days. And he has to feed it a "pinky mouse" which is, sadly, a baby mouse only a few days old. When he gets bigger, he'll be fed (thawed) frozen mice. When Jase fed the snake the last time, he asked if I'd do a video for him to post on a forum for "Herps/inverts". He's been a member for years, having had various lizards as pets.

So, I did. It wasn't really gross and I've seen it happen in the wild (not to a mouse, but I've seen snakes eat spiders/eggs/other things that don't make noise). But, at the end of the video, I got a text message. Jase said, "Every time..." because nearly every time I've done a video for him, I get a text alert. Then the disabled guy came into the room.

Now, he saw it get fed a few days earlier. And apparently, it was much noisier than the day I did this video.

I've edited it down to just the ending and I added a bunch of text to explain what I did and why. So, read on, you have plenty of warning. And if you don't want to read it- basically I tell you there's nothing gross going on and aside from seeing the snake barely moving, there's nothing... But if you don't want to watch it or see the snake, but you want to hear it, then go ahead and push play and minimize the browser (or go to a new tab- you know what to do). When the weird versions of Mozart end is when the video starts.

See? That wasn't so bad. And you got to hear DG act like an idiot. And that's what counts.

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Tashina said...

"It's the thought that counts." That made me snort diet pepsi! I also really love that the Proclaimers are your ringtone.