Friday, February 18, 2011

There's a long video conversation today...

He's bored. Despite the warm-up in the weather, DG hasn't been out in his shop. Anyone care to guess why? C'mon... you know him. What's he like?

If you said "rich guys driving in circles for four hours every week" you're right. NASCAR is upon us. This past week has been full of NASCAR practices, interviews, the Bud Shootout, and who knows what else.

With all that going on, he hasn't been going into the shop- where he has a half-built sofa waiting to be finished. (Oh, that sofa... there's a story there, but for another time). So, NASCAR it is... The TV stuff ends in the afternoon, but that's "too late" to go out into the shop. I have no idea why, but that's how he works.

And today, he was bored. NASCAR was over, "Spartacus, Gods of the Arena" isn't on for hours. He stood about ten feet to my left and started making noises. I asked what he was doing. He said nothing. Then he'd make a noise, then make a face, then act like he wasn't doing anything. Back and forth (what are you doing? Nothing. *face-making*) for about ten minutes. It continued when I went upstairs (I have to walk past him to do that). When I sat back down, he kept it up. So, I picked up my camera.

I couldn't point it AT him, of course. Because he stops acting silly when he knows the camera is on him. So, unfortunately, you get a view of my horrifyingly messy desk. Then I sit for a while on a photo frame you've all seen before, then on to the computer monitor for the blog page. Eventually, I rolled back a little so I could see that he was making faces. And he was, but there are none on the video. Just him. Talking, singing, making noises and denying that he's doing any of those things. Its about seven minutes long.


And I'll tell you the sofa story in a few days.


Lettie said...

Laffin! Never a dull moment, huh? ♥

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of conversations I have with my boyfriend. Funny.

Deanie said...

It reminds me of conversations with my 11 year old son!!! lmao!!!

Anisah said...

Both of you are nuts!