Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There have been no looong conversations

He's just been blurting short snippets of things lately that I've been sharing on the Facebook page. So, if you want to join the FB page, go ahead. There's a tab at the top that directs you to join us on FB.

If you're one of the last few people- like my parents- who don't have a FB page, then let me compile a few of the snippets I've shared there...

January 16, 10:30 PM

Luna's barking. DG told her repeatedly to shut up. She barked again and he exclaimed: "Gimme something to throw at you!"

A while later, one dog started barking and they all joined in. DG exclaimed, "Shut up!" *pause* "Hey! Drop that hair!" (what he says when the dogs have the fur raised up on their backs).

January 20, 630 AM-

Me: "Why, when I woke up in the middle of the night, were ALL the blankets on me?"
DG: "They left me."
Me: "Then why did you push them back onto me when I put them all back on you?"
DG: "We had a fight. I was mad at them."
Me: "That doesn't explain why you kept pushing them back on me after I tried to get them off me."
DG: "You were cold."
Me: "You know that's not true."
DG: "It could be."
Me: "Except its not."
DG: "Trust me."
Me: "No."
DG: "Be that way."
Me: "I will."
DG: "Good."
Me: "Fine."
DG: "I'm not whining."
Me: "What?"


January 22, 6:04 PM

Me: "What are you watching?"

DG: "Dina... Diana's... *sigh* Diana's peak."

Me: "Dante's Peak?"

DG: "That's what I said."

Me: "No, you said the name of a menopausal porn flick."

DG: "That's not what this movie is about!"

January 24 1:30 PM

DG came downstairs all a-flutter. "You know that guy in that movie?"
Me: "What movie?"
DG: "With Adam Sadler!" [sic]
Me: "Kevin James?"
DG: "No! The black guy!"
Me: "Carl Weathers?"
DG: "NO! Not Carl Weathers! The other guy! He was a fireman and naked."
Me: "Ving Rhames?"
DG: "YEAH! Him. He's in a movie playing a gay guy."
Me: "He was gay in the fireman movie too."
DG: "But this is different."

I never did find out the movie, but he was awfully excited about it.

January 29, 7 PM
Jase asked DG why he turns on the bathroom light, then goes into his bedroom to take off his shoes and such before going into the bathroom to take a shower.

DG replied: "There could be a boogeyman!"
Jase: "Really, Dad?"

February 6 6:30ish PM

About a Superbowl Ad-

DG: "When did Fonzie ever wear a jersey?"

Me: "HE DIDN'T!"

DG: "Uh-oh, they done messed up."

February 10, 3:45 PM
Jase quoted a song in a movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall: "How can you read when you're blind? Yeah, Dad, how can you?"

DG: "Braille." and wiggled his fingers. "My fingers can't read. They're too dumb."

February 13, 3:10 PM
The disabled guy was trying to give us a selling point to watching the movie "Shoot to Kill" (for the fourteenth time in as many weeks, I'm sure).


Me: "You mean Sidney Poitier?"

DG: "You know him!?"

Me: "Not personally, no."

DG: "Well, you should! You can say his name right!" and he walked away.


Also, on January 30th, I managed to get a couple nice photos of him with two of the Chihuahuas. Luna and Gregg (the girl dog with a boy name).

And Luna is so over it all...

If you click this link, you can see the TV cabinet and the DVD cabinet that are now joined as one giant MEGA-CABINET!

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