Monday, February 28, 2011

An addendum to the previous blog post-

I forgot to mention "the three bears"... The sofas are apparently for the three bears. The first one was too hard, the second one was almost right, and the third one is JUST RIGHT... Of course, it took about twice as many words to get to that point, but there you go.

This morning, I said that I'd forgotten to mention it in the blog itself. He started making weird grunting noises, so I said, "What'd you say?"

DG: "I didn't say nothin'!"

Me: "Then why were there noises coming from your face?"

DG: "My face don't make noises!"

Me: "Then how do you talk?"

DG: "With my mouth!" (in mock disbelief)

Me: "And where is your mouth?"

DG: "BELOW MY NOSE!" (followed by maniacal laughter)

Me: "Aren't they both on your face?"

DG: "Ooooh!" (sounding a bit growly)

Me: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

DG *sighing*: "So many things."

Me: "I agree."

DG: "Yeah- hey!"

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