Friday, June 24, 2011

A walking tour of the new deck, sort of...

I figured I'd take my camera out with me and do a little walk-around on the new deck, so you all could see it in all its glory. Gypsy decided that she absolutely had to be outside with me because apparently, something might happen in her absence. So, you get to see her walking around, barking at nothing (because she thought I was talking to people and not a camera). You get to hear my nasally, wheezy, doped-up on Vicodin voice.

All that's left is for him to add some fencing around the bottom, to protect the Chihuahuas from absently running off the end and some of the patio stuff (an Adirondack chair and bench, the patio table, and the other porch swing).


Lettie said...

No, I'm not impressed, I'm VERY impressed. Do you mean he did all of that with one hand? lol

fluffysue said...

The deck is fantastic, he did a great job! I am always amazed when people do stuff like that themselves, even when they have full use of BOTH hands. Meanwhile, I am calling someone in to fix a few boards and sand and repaint my tiny little deck, because I don't see how I could do it myself.

BTW I followed you over from Regretsy because I have enjoyed your comments over there, and was curious about your blog.