Friday, June 10, 2011

The Disabled Guy... HE KNOWS HE'S DISABLED!

I'm a fairly active member over on the Regretsy website. And the regular readers here know that the lovely woman who runs the site helped us when we needed to raise money to send our daughter to New York City with the high school orchestra.

Also, I've been on the Internet now for approximately eight years, give or take a few months. I have called the spouse "The disabled guy" for pretty much that entire time. Now, I don't expect someone to automatically know all this stuff. I mean, if you didn't know me, it wouldn't make much sense, right? But, if you lurk for more than ten minutes anywhere that I'm a regular participant, then you'd know who I am and that I call him "the disabled guy". Big shocker- he knows he's disabled!

Regretsy is "NSFW" (not safe for work) because of the swearing that is not only common, but encouraged. (also, sometimes the day's featured items are mature in content). Today's first post was about a dress that is designed to look like a urinal.

This is a screen cap of my comment-

I thought I'd get a few pity "thumbs up" because when you're a regular, some people just like what you say, even if it sucks. But, an hour or so later, I went back and discovered some replies to my comment. The first one had been "hidden due to low comment rating".

And then some others got involved...

And then I came back and left these two comments (we have a 1000 character limit on comments).

Why did I tell you all this? Why did I make you read all that crap? Because, after all that, I went outside and did a video with the Disabled Guy. This video also shows him working on the deck. MONTHS AGO someone asked me how he does woodworking with only the use of one hand and I said he uses clamps and vise grips. Once in a while, he'll ask for help. In fact, just the other day, he had to get me to come outside and help him move a huge board that had some other boards attached to it. It was one of the support beams for the deck and it was too long for him to maneuver by himself. So I helped. Took me all of forty-five seconds and he was back to work.

But enough of this typing and reading crap. You came for the video. And here it is... since it he was speaking quietly, I added the captions so you could "hear" what he was saying. He was also talking quietly on purpose because I was doing the video.


EDITED TO ADD: The Regretsian who originally asked if the disabled thing was relevant is okay and says she's (I'm assuming "she" because of the "Krissy" part of the name) started reading the blog. So, heeeey! Welcome. I hope you enjoy the insanity that is the Disabled Guy.


Noey said...

That video was great.

Let people be butthurt - they're probably so busy trying to be PC and make everything "equal for everyone" that they've forgotten that "everyone" are people, not just some helpless lumps of flesh.

Also, I'm incredibly jealous. Your pot holder and what's done so far of the are gorgeous! I have 2 fully functioning arms and I could never do that.

Lettie said...

Aw, heck, Patty. I think that was a fake video. You know he couldn't do all that with just one hand. lol If y'all were any cuter, we couldn't stand it. Love.

Daylight Dreamer said...

My computer wouldn't let me load the video. =( *Sigh*

Jess H (PS. from Facebook)

Anonymous said...

My computer won't load it, either ... stops at 13 seconds. :(

Pahz said...

Well, dammit, YouTube!

I uploaded it to the Facebook group yesterday-

Hopefully that works.

Anonymous said...

Not being PC, I think your husband is remarkable - I had a similar event when I was 32 but I'm overly sensitive. I'd be mortified to have my errors poked fun at so publicly..but I would imagine he knows you love him and he's a much more confident soul than I am..

Anyways, time heals..not my head wound or mistake. Now that I'm 63, people just think my spelling and word goofs are because I'm old and that's ok with me, hahaha.

Nana B from Regretsy

Pahz said...

If it helps, I only post the stuff that he also laughs at. The tone in his voice obviously doesn't carry well into a text-only situation like a blog, which is why I do try to get video now and then.

But if he doesn't realize what he's doing or saying, then I don't share it. When he realizes it himself and can see that he's being funny or whatnot, then I share it. I don't share his scared times or his frustrated times or even his angry ones. So for at least one funny conversation I share, we have plenty that I don't.

I'd never just make fun of him. He's got to be in on the joke himself. :)

Anonymous said...

Patty, I miss your comments on Regretsy. Where have you been?

Pahz said...

I'm still around! I just posted something unrelated and stupid on the CF4L post from last night.

I've been busy, actually, with a part-time online job. And of course, all summer, I was preoccupied two days a week with the ren faire and several days during the week with the hundreds of photos I took the previous weekend.

Right now, this is procrastinating from my job that I need to get to work on!