Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patty is a double NASCAR widow today...

DG is a NASCAR fan. He loves Tony Stewart.

Shawn has recently gotten into NASCAR because of Marcos Ambrose. (he's Australian, for those who don't care about NASCAR).

I lost DG, as I always do, to the race today.

And, I've lost Shawn as well. He can see races in Australia, but they're aired at 6 AM. I'm pretty sure today's race is his first live NASCAR race.

DG is doing more talking today than he has in ages. He's carrying on coherent strings of conversation with Shawn, all about NASCAR. They've even ganged up on me and I've lost not only DG, but Shawn as well.

The only way this photo would be any more precious is if they were sitting together or even holding hands. They're both annoyed by the same drivers (Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch), they're sitting in the same position... its just too much dude for me.

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