Friday, March 12, 2010

Bawk-Bawk! And the lack of conversation.

I've been a bit busy what with Shawn visiting. I've been trying to remember conversations with DG to share. And there's been a lot of stuff going on (aside from Shawn's visit) and I've been distracted. I asked the kids to give me some fodder to share with you all but they've come up short as well.

Jase said, "Give him the Magic 8 Ball... and let things happen."

I told him that I've done at least two blog posts about the Magic 8 Ball. Jase said, "Then make it a regular thing! Just give it to him."

I said that I wasn't going to get up to give him the 8 Ball, so Jase gave it to him. And he put one of his brain cells on his head. (You all remember the brain cells he got for Christmas).

DG asked, "Is it the blind one?" (Bruno chewed on it and digested the plastic eyes)

Jase replied, "It is the blind one."

DG sighed and said, "He's not well."

Of course he's not well. He's a plush magnified brain cell that's been chewed on by a Chihuahua puppy.

But, now "Spartacus, Blood and Sand" is on TV. We've lost him. He's ignoring the blind brain cell, the Magic 8 Ball, and the Chihuahuas. And ignoring the Chihuahuas is quite the feat. Shawn can attest to that.

Since there's no conversation with the Disabled Guy to share, or a Disabled Guy's Conversation with the Magic 8 Ball, I thought I'd leave you with this-

Whenever one of the kids asks me what we're having for dinner, I reply with whichever meat we're having as a main course. "Chicken...", "Pork chops...", "Ham...", "Roast beef..."

You get the picture...

Each declaration of food is met with a sound effect from DG.

Kid: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Me: "Chicken." DG: "BAWK-BAWK!"

Literally, before I'm done uttering the final letter in the word, he blurts out the sound effect.

"Roast beef-" "MOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Pork chops-" "OINK-OINK!"

Then he laughs uproariously at himself.

Jase just informed me that DG is still sitting on the sofa with the blind brain cell on top of his head.


Mary Jo said...

I almost snorted coffee through my nose when I read the bawk-bawk, moooo, etc. Have I told you lately that I love y'all? I can't believe you don't have 30 million followers. Just goes to show that PR was never my strong point.

Anonymous said...

Hey, FF, DG, Kat,Jase and Ceej,

We love you guys. Love you on snopes and followed you here. Say "hey" to Sahwn for us...maybe he needs to visit MT next time...and FF and DG withhim. Oh, what a pahhhty that would be.

Happy St Patio's day, I am off for a glass of job is killing me this week. Next week...San Fran, Carmel and Monterey for us. para1 (Susan)