Friday, March 26, 2010

"I can't sing! Doo-dooo-doooooo!"

I had to leave the house, such happens from time to time. Apparently, while I was gone (with Shawn, to the grocery store), Ceej (our 16 year old, if you've been keeping notes) had a conversation with DG of which she tried to get on video. She had some on her own camera, but filled up the memory too quickly. She got my camera (which has a much larger SD card in it) and took three videos of a strange conversation. From what I can piece together through DG denying he ever spoke to her (despite the video) and his arguing with her about how "Mom will find out" (that's right, he calls me "Mom"- but we covered this- he does it because the kids do it), he was going to go take a shower, sang about it, then giggled like a maniac. And she tried to get footage of it for all of you.

I uploaded this short video from my camera. Mostly because DG was laughing and you can hear him say "Ooooh!" which goes into some kind of weird "Oooh, woooo-hooo-dooo-dooo!" singing in his attempt to stop laughing. (I mentioned this before- when he laughs so hard he can't stop, he says "ooooh" over and over till he can breathe again. We refer to it as "making Dad go 'oooh'...").

Then, of course, he declares he can't sing... but he sings it.

Enjoy! And special thanks to the adorable Ceej for her valiant efforts to get video footage for all of you. (Oh, and the dogs in his lap- the fawn colored one is Luna- his "girlfriend" and the smaller, darker one is Jasper).

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lingchops said...

DG I love reading the blog but the video is even better!! I'm so excited when I see that there's something new posted!