Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of course I'm sure, I've been trained for this

The Michael Keaton version of "Batman"  is on cable right now. DG walked through the living room.

DG: "Superman..."

Me: "Batman?"

DG: "No, that reporter guy. Superman 2." (he held up two fingers)

Me: "What reporter guy? Clark Kent was a reporter."

DG: "The guy in Superman 2. He was in Superman too."

Me: "This is 'Batman' and the only reporter in it is Vickie Vale."

DG: "Are you sure? I think that guy was in Superman." (every time he'd say "that guy" or point, it was always Jack Nicholson on screen).

Finally he said, "NOT that guy... the other reporter in Superman."

Me: "Lois Lane?"

DG: "THAT GUY! No, wait, that guy... dammit!"

Me: "Jimmy Olson?"

DG: "YES! Is that him?"

Me: "You're talking about that obnoxious dude who is friends with Vickie Vale? His name is Robert Wuhl."

DG: "I am? I am."

Me: "No, that wasn't Jimmy Olson from Superman."

DG: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Of course I'm sure, I've been trained for this kind of situation." 

For your viewing pleasure- 
Jimmy Olson from the "Superman" movies and Robert Wuhl in "Batman".

I can see it, I guess.

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