Monday, April 19, 2010

You can't have my eyes, I'm still using them

Kat, our oldest (she's 20), resembles DG more than Ceej, our youngest (16). DG exclaimed that she does not look like him. We all declared that she has his eyes.

DG: "No! She doesn't have my eyes!"

Me/Ceej: "Yes, she does, look!"

DG: "If she's got my eyes, what the hell am I seeing with!?"

I explained that Kat does have his eyes (really squinty eyes) and Ceej piped up that she had his chin.

DG: "Not my chin! What is this?" He stroked his chin. "I have a chin of my own."

Ceej: "I look more like Mom. I have her eyes, and luckily, her eyebrows. I wouldn't want your eyebrow."

DG: "What do you mean? Eyebrow? I have two!"

Both girls declared that he does, in fact, only have one... over both eyes.

There the conversation disintegrated into a discussion of eyebrow plucking and wild "old-man eyebrows". Then... out of the random blue, he said: "You know Bruno?" (of course we know Bruno, he's the 14 pound puppy of Luna and Jasper). "He's like when a tiger and a lion have sex."

Dead silence. Finally I said, "What?"

DG: "You know, when a lion has sex with a tiger and it has a baby and its a Liger. You take a toy (Jasper) and a standard (not really Luna, but okay), you get a Liger."

All three of us stammered around another: "What?!"

Apparently, in DG's mind, Jasper- who weighs four pounds- and Luna- who weighs six pounds- are like a tiger and a lion being bred to create the giant "Liger". DG is comparing a Chihuahua puppy to a 1400 pound cat of prey.

I really don't know how to explain the entire randomness that was this whole conversation.

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Anisah said...

Who is mean to the disabled guy? They need a pounding!!!

My 6 yo son and I joke about that. I tell him he's got my sister's brown eyes, and ask him how can she see without her eyes.

The eyebrows thing reminds me of a quote from Miss Congeniality. "Eyebrows, there should be two."

Tell your kids not to take any more body parts lol.