Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conversation with a puppy

So, like I said, Luna had six puppies. All gorgeous, all healthy.

The other day, I was petting Luna because she's not getting much attention what with being the mum to six puppies and stuck in the kitchen till they're old enough to be left alone and she had one pup with her. After I petted and cooed at her, I reached over to pet the puppy, who was nursing.

It growled at me! I've never had a puppy growl at me before! So what did I do? I grabbed my camera and took video.

Today, I was re-telling DG about the growler and how we're not supposed to do that because it can make the pups aggressive. He said: "That puppy. He was telling you to leave him alone."

Me: "I know."

DG: "He said, 'Oooh, if I had teeth, I'd tear you up!'... that's what he said."

Me: "He'd tear me up?"

DG: "He did. 'If I had teeth, she wouldn't do that! grrrrr!', like that."

Me: "I see. He told you this?"

DG: "Yeah, we've talked about it. Had conversations."

Me: "You talked about it? Had conversations? Maybe even a dialog about it? With the puppy? The small dog? The young Chihuahua?"

He called me a smart-ass after that. I don't know why. *blinks innocently*

Here's a video from the other day when I cleaned up the playpen the pups are usually kept in. DG's in the video a little bit, and you really need to ignore my annoying voice. I don't think I sound as nasally as I do in the video, but hey, that's just me. For the record, Gypsy was whining because she couldn't get into the kitchen to play with the puppies.


Anisah said...

Awww, cute puppy wumpkins! Where did he get twister from? that was hilarious!


Pahz said...

"Twister" came from the same part of his brain the Rats with little Nike shoes and Bacon Dancing comes from!

Grumpy Housewife said...


That was a total, "Um, can you give me back my baby, please?" look on Luna's face.

They are so cute! But then, we already established that you were trying to make my head explode with teh cyoot.

Anonymous said...

Just read through all the posts ... REALLY enjoyed them! It was rather like the conversations in my own family, which are like this without stroke-brain! (For instance, when we lived in Central America, base housing put in new palm trees, and they were tied down for stability. According to my husband, it was because we were so near the equator that the spin of the earth was faster there, and they'd fly off into space if they weren't tethered.The 3 teenagers would nod solemnly, and walk away shaking their heads.)
Anyway, thank you so much for writing these down ... I think that the Rats may well make their way into our family mythos, as well.

babylon sister said...

Hilarious that you responded to the Twister comment as if it was the most normal response in the world.